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List Of Banned Items On Saudi Airport

List Of Banned Items On Saudi Airport

As all of us know that Saudi Arabia is an oil rich company after the discovery of oil wells many of the expats traveled to Saudi Arabia because of many job opportunities which require most of expats working force because locals of Saudi Arabia are very rich and most of them don’t need to do work.

The laws and rules of Saudi Arabia are really strict and they have strict penalties about any violation or out of rule act.So as an expat you should know that which act is allowed in Saudi Arabia.

To enter a country you have to pass through the airport which not an easy step as one think because on airport their is strict checking of luggage and documents and any mistake can cause a serious condition for you so before traveling to a country you must know that which items are banned on the airport of that country.

Same like that is in the case of Saudi Arabia to enter the airport of Saudi Arabia you should know that which items are banned and which are allowed.If you don’t know about these items then we are here to tell you about these items to avoid any serious loss.

Saudi airports have lists of banned items that one can not carry because of many reasons those items may be against Islamic rules or may be hazardous to human health.

The banned items are divided into two groups of banned items prohibited from hand luggage as well as items banned from any luggage type in any place on the plane.

Banned items on Saudi Airport:

According to Saudi airport officials the following are the items that you can not carry in your luggage.


Toxic liquids

Compressed gas

Army knives

Firearms and replicas


Ice skates

Baseball bats

Nail accessories



Radioactive materials


Meat cleavers



Their is also a list of banned items from the checked luggage:

Liquid oxygen devices


Electro shock and disabling devices

Radioactive materials

Oxidisers or organic peroxides


Compressed gases

Flammable liquids

Matches and lighters

Toxic or infectious substances


Magnetised materials

Firearms and replicas

Security-type cash boxes, bags or attaché cases

Cabin-baggage-prohibited items:

Their is a separate list of cabin baggage prohibited items that is listed below:


compressed gases

toxic liquids


baseball bats

electric skateboards




magnetic materials

radioactive or corrosive materials

any dangerous equipment

nail clippers


meat cleavers and ammunition.

The other 14 dangerous materials that are banned from all baggage:

Organic peroxides

radioactive materials

electric shock devices

disabling devices

liquid oxygen devices

infectious biological materials



explosives or crackers

, flammable liquids

compressed gases, imitation weapons, magnetic materials, and corrosive materials.

Before packing your bags you should know about the banned items because if you are having any forbidden item in your luggage than it will be taken from you on the airport.
Because in Saudi Arabia and many developed countries their is a strict system and police system is very clear and transparent they work very sincerely and they never let go if any one is having any banned item in their luggage.

Different methods of checking your luggage:

You should keep in mind that your luggage, check-in and hand carried that enter Saudi Arabia are strictly inspected by one of the following means;


It means that x-ray machines are used to inspect your luggage.

sniffer dogs:

Sniffer dogs are also used to inspect the luggage in some severe conditions.


The inspection may also be done by the police officers.Which is most common method of checking luggage.

Results of carrying banned items:

If you are caught by the airport police than the following condition may occurs:

• Products may be selected at random by the inspecting Customs Officer.

• Delays may be incurred, it means that your flight may be delayed.

• the material Will be rejected by MOI following inspection it will be confiscated for destruction and cannot be returned to the owner.

The following products and commodities might be intercepted at the time of import and sent to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Information for review and approval:



Compact discs – music or data files

Computer games, console games


Photographic media

Cards containing electronic information – e.g. satellite TV cards, ID cards, Maps

Laptops, touch screen devices

PETS-Check out the Importing Pets into Saudi Arabia guide

Now if you are on of the pet lover and wants to take your pet with you to Saudi Arabia then we are here to tell you that which pets you can carry and which you can not.

1. Dogs:

Not all types of dogs are allowed some types are allowed that are the following:

only watch dogs

hunting dogs

seeing-eye dogs

hearing dogs

These types of dogs are permitted into Saudi Arabia. The purpose for which one is using suvh type of dogs such dogs must be mentioned in a veterinary certificate.

Permission for bringing pets must be obtained before to arrival from either a consulate or embassy of Saudi Arabia or the relevant government department in Saudi Arabia.

2. Cats:

For carrying cats their are also some that are to be followed :

• Cats must be accompanied by 2 veterinarian health certificates.

• A rabies inoculation certificate is required.

• Stating inoculation between 12 months and 30 days prior to arrival.

• Health certificates must be attested by the Saudi Arabian consulate in the country of origin.

3. Birds:

In order to carry a bird with you to Saudi Arabia you must fulfill the following requirements:

health certificate

import permit required from National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development.


There are also some prohibited animals that you can not carry with you. The list is mentioned below:

live chickens






So before traveling to Saudi Arabia you must need to know full about the banned and prohibited items in Saudi Arabia because you can face many problems if you are caught with any ban item in your luggage.

I hope after reading this article you will not carry such type of items and you will find this article helpful and informative.

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