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Saudi Arab GACA New Circular

Saudi Arab GACA New Circular

Saudi Arab has allowed the direct entry from banned countries including Pakistan and india for fully vaccinated valid iqama holders with any kind of institutional quarantine.

Saudi Arab GACA New Circular has issued and every thing is now cleared except that children are allowed or not.

When its asked from saudi arab airlines that if children’s are allowed to travel along fully vaccinated parents if they have valid iqama.

In response saudi arab airlines replied that only fully vaccinated peoples who have done vaccination inside saudi arabia with valid iqama are allowed to enter saudi arab.

So its mean children’s of expates even if they are below 12 are not allowed to travel directly to saudi arab they have to spend 14 days in other country in order to travel saudi and they must do quarantine as well.

Saudi Arab GACA has issued a circular in which it is clearly stated that suspension of direct flights from banned countries are no longer in effect and they will be allowed to enter directly to saudi arab if they the did their full vaccination in saudi and have valid saudi iqama.

While arriving to saudi arab they must register their data on Muqeem Portal and for your kind information you can register you vaccination data on Absher Platform as well.

Saudi Arab GACA New Circular

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