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Saudi Arab Cheapest Insurance Packages

Saudi Arab Cheapest Insurance Packages

Saudi Arab is one of the name that no one can ignore because it has a tremendous and strong economy because of its oil production. Saudi Locals their have too much wealth just because they have oil wells in their property which brings great income to them and they are financially very strong.

In Saudi Arabia most of the population comprises of expats that belongs to different countries of the world that travelled to Saudi Arabia because of the unemployment in their native homeland.

Saudi Arabia in turn serves the expats with great Care and responsibility by providing them different insurance packages like health insurance ,car insurance, home insurance etc.

Cheapest insurance packages in Saudi Arabia:

If you are one of the resident of Saudi Arabia and looking for cheapest insurance packages in Saudi Arabia then you are on the right platform because we are here you to provide the full data you want to know and Insha’Allah you will gain some useful information.

The insurance industry in Saudi Arabia is not at the same level as compare to the other countries such as the US or UK.

But it is also not to much nil or Ignorable the market is now growing and expats are now free to choose from a range of products according to their choice available to both individuals and businesses.

Insurance is the most growing industry in Saudi Arabia the growth is rapidly increasing with the increase in number of expats relocating to the Saudi Arabia.

This part of article will explains all you need to know about insurance in Saudi Arabia which includes the following type of insurances:

Car insurances in Saudi Arabia:

First of all let’s talk about car insurance which is really important because each and every must have cars in Saudi Arabia because no one can afford the rent of the taxies every day.

With the high cost of policies you might find it difficult to find the cheapest car insurance in Saudi Arabia. By comparing prices and coverage from various companies, on the other hand, can guide you in finding the cheapest auto insurance that fulfills your needs.

Now based on customer ratings, pricing, coverage options, and other factors, we are presenting this article as an overview of Saudi cheapest auto insurance providers in Saudi Arabia in 2023:

1-Al Almiya:

Al Alamiya is increasingly referred as one of Saudi Arabia’s cheapest vehicle insurance providers. To the low-risk drivers, the company is providing basic liability coverage starting at roughly SAR 600 per year. Al Alamiya is also providing comprehensive plans with low premiums and the ability to ensure your protection.

• Advantages:

The Rates of this insurance Package are really cheap, for basic liability coverage.

It provides the customers with a wide choice of customizable comprehensive policies.

Online quotations and policy administration are also provided.

Direct claim service without the involvement of third parties.


we know that every thing has benefits and disadvantages just like two sides of a coin so this car insurance has also some disadvantages:

Support agent availability is limited that is a negative point.

Less optional extras as compare to other insurance packages.

2. Walaa Cooperative Insurance Company

Walaa is one of the another famous and cheapest auto insurance provider in Saudi Arabia. This cooperative insurance company nowadays offers low-cost basic coverage starting roughly from SAR 700 per year. They also offer reasonably priced comprehensive insurance.

Plus points:

• Price is low for both the competitive and comprehensive insurance.

• It also has good ratings for financial strength.

• It has the possibility to combine auto and home insurance

• This is efficient in the handling of claims via web portal or phone center.

Negative points:

Limited agent support

Fewer discounts than some other insurers.

Cheapest health insurance in Saudi Arabia:

Health is an Important issue as you know that health is wealth. So to maintain your health Saudi Arabia has number of health insurance company that ensure your health and serves you with care.

Since 2005 the Saudi Arab government was serving free medical care to the expats and locals alike.By the increase in population of expats day by day the Saudi Arab found it difficult to bear the burden of expense of health facilities. Now they have revoke the free healthcare from the expats and visitors.

As a result in Saudi Arabia many insurance company take birth in Saudi Arab and are serving expats and visitors.

Here we have a list of some affordable health insurance in Saudi Arabia:

Healthcare in Saudi Arabia: Saudi Health Insurance Packages

Healthcare in Saudi Arabia is a right of both expats and locals. The Saudi Arabia health care system is comprising of three main pillars:




Public healthcare system:

In this system healthcare is free for all citizens irrespective of their employment status. Individuals that are working in public sector that may be citizens or expats can use the public healthcare facilities without any payment.

The expats can not get access to free health care system until they are working in a public sector all the other expats must have some private healthcare system that are also available.

Private healthcare system:

The private health care system is opened for other expats and nationals. The healthcare system is really systematic due to which many citizens does not opt for this type of health Care system.

Military health Care system:

This type of healthcare insurance can only be used by the military officials, royal army personnel ,and their families. Some separate hospitals are are appointed to serve these military officials.

List of top insurance companies in Saudi Arabia:


2- 2Bupa Arabia

3-Al Rajhi Takaful


5- Walaa

6-Gulf Insurance Group

7-Al Etihad Cooperative

8- Arabian Shield

9- Wataniya Insurance


11-Malath Insurance

12-Allianz Saudi Fransi




16-Arabia Insurance Cooperative

17-Gulf Union Al Ahlia Cooperative Insurance

18-Al Sagr Cooperative

19-Al Alamiya

20-Alimna Tokio Marine

21-Aljazira Takaful Taawuni

22-Gulf General

23-Buruj Insurance

24-Chubb Arabia

25-Amana Cooperative

26-Saudi Enaya

These are the health care insurance companies which you can choose to maintain your health and safety of home or cars.

Accident insurance in Saudi Arabia:

In Saudi Arabia and many developed countries cars are mostly used by each and every person so their are many chances of road accidents to avoid some serious loss during accidents their are also packages of accident insurance.

This type of insurance package covers the risks associated with unexpected accidents. Because social insurance doesn’t cover everyone in Saudi Arabia, many people are vulnerable in the event of a serious accident.So in this case you can get benefit from this type of insurance in Saudi Arabia.

Coverage can include:

the costs of being unable to work, either short-term or long-term, due to an accident;

medical expenses;

death-related costs in the event of a fatal accident

So if you are an expat living in Saudi Arabia than you should know all about that country to get full facilities of that country because it provides many facilities to the expats and treat them with great hospitality because they are a hospitable nation from the era of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This was an overall details about the insurances in Saudi Arabia that you might know about it.I hope this article will be helpful for you!

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