File Court Case In Saudi Arab
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File Court Case In Saudi Arab

File Court Case In Saudi Arab

While working in saudi expates face many problems and in some times it may lead to reach court so here i will tell you how to File Court Case In Saudi Arab with simple steps.

In some case you must reach out courts to get your rights in saudi arab some of which are as below

Delayed Salaries
End Of Service Benefit
Annual Holiday
Working Hours
Type Of Work
Iqama Renewal
Unfair Termination From Work

So once you have decided to file court case in saudi then you must go through some basic steps to get your rights in legal way.

First let me tell you if you want to file case regarding your end of service in saudi then you must know that your employer must pay your end of service in the following ways according to saudi labor law article 88

In One Week In Case Of Termination

Two Weeks In Case Of Resignation

How To File Court Case In Saudi

Friendly Settlement Department

If your company or kafeel in saudi arab failed to pay you the at the first you must approach the friendly settlement department as below

First of you need to file an online Complaint Here

You must select court of your city where you want to file your case

Friendly Settlement Department decided about your case in about 21 days.

So if both you and your employer are happy then this case will be dismissed and you will get your benefit

If you and your employer are not agreed then this case will be referred to saudi labor court.

First Instance Court

If you are not satisfied with friendly settlement department then your case will be heard in first instance court saudi keep in mind that this service may take longer time as usual depending on your case type and circumstances.

And once decision by first instance court saudi is made both parties you and your employer has the right to appeal against this case in saudi Appellate Court.

Enforcement Courts Saudi Arab

If any court is saudi arab has issued order that your employer will pay you and your employer still don’t pay your benefits then you must approach Saudi Enforcement Courts

For this you will need to upload your following information

Your Case Documents
Your IBAN Account Number

So if company still failed to pay you court will take the following actions against your company or employer

Will send a warning messages to settle dues instantly

Labour services will be stopped for your company

Court will freeze the settlement amount from company bank account will pay you.

Check Court Case In Saudi

Once you have filed any case in saudi the you must check it regularly to see progress of your case in saudi arab

To do this you will need to simply visit this official website and enter the required details to inquire about your case in saudi.

File Court Case In Saudi Arab

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