Banned Applications In Dubai

Banned Applications In Dubai

Dubai is a state of UAE that is really famous and even many people of the world are not fimiliar to the name UAE they recognize the country by the name Dubai.

Dubai is a center which welcome millions of expats that may be visitors or workers who wants to work here and earn money because its the destination of both the visitors and workers as it is having many beautiful locations, amusement parks, shopping malls, vast deserts and many more.

It has also many job opportunities because of many oil production companies, construction projects , transportation companies and many more job opportunities that may be at hospitals , schools, shopping malls etc.

So if you are the one who is residing in UAE as a worker or you are there as a visitor than you should know the digital landscape and the apps that are not allowed in the city.

If you want to know about the banned apps than we are here to tell you a detail note about these all let’s have a look at these banned apps:

1- Viber and similar communication apps:

Viber is a famous communication app that is used world wide in many countries but it is banned in Dubai.The restrictions on this app is due to the feature of voice over internet protocol VoIP this feature allows the users to make free or low cost calls over the Internet to any country of the world.

Free or low cost calls on VoIP can affect the telecommunications companies in Dubai so it has banned these free calling apps.These restrictions has given the telecommunications companies to provide their services and generate revenue.

Not only Viber but all the applications that are supporting VoIP like Facebook, Facetime , Telegram voice calls, WhatsApp all these apps may be having restricted functions or banned.

It is wise to check all the details about banned apps regularly to avoid any fine or any problem.

There are some apps by which you can enjoy free calling without any fees by using the following apps:

• Zoom

• Slack

• Google hangouts meet

• Skype for business

• Cisco wibex

• Microsoft team

2- Social media with calling features:

There are also several social media apps with calling feature for example Facebook calling is included in this category. UAE government has imposes restrictions on the voice and vedio calls of such social media apps while all the other functions like sharing photos, messaging accessing news are allowed.The calling features of such apps may be limited or block.

Other similar apps like twitter, Instagram and snapchat are not accessible in UAE but can face some limitations on certain features.As a visitor or a resident in UAE one should keep in mind the restrictions and respect it also.

3- Adult content websites:

UAE as united arab emirates is an Islamic country and it follows Islamic rules and regulations. It is really strict about the decency of its environment and Islamic values.So you should keep in mind that adult contents website are strictly banned here.

So accessing or promoting adult content, pornography, or any other material that is considerd to be indecent than it is strictly prohibited in UAE.

So while living in Dubai you Have to follow its rules and regulations and respect this law also of not visiting the adult content because it is against Islamic rules.

4- Site suporting illegal activities.

The apps that supports illegal activities are restricted in Dubai For example for the begeners the Torrent and other file sharing websites are not accessible.To download the copyright content without permission is banned in UAE because everyone protects their personal property.

Moreover the sites that allowed online gambling and betting is banned in UAE because online gambling and betting are considered as illegal.UAE has a strict rule about the gambling to protect their public. from any harm.

The banned apps may be frustrating but you should not worry because their are still some alternative ways to stay connected with you loved ones in Dubai app like WhatsApp and Facebook are serving to a limit that is its calling function is banned and one can send text messages and share photos etc.

There are also VoIP calling services through which you can make calls without using Skype and Viber. So if you are planning for a trip to Dubai than you don’t have to take too much tension of not using your favorite apps because their are alternatives available.

Working calling apps in UAE :

If you are residing or visiting in Dubai you need to stay connect with your loved ones in your native homeland for this you need to know that which calling app you van use to talk to them.There are some options available each with some pros and cons.


It is the best video calling App in Dubai using BOTIM you can get connected to your friends and families.There are also some other calling apps that allows you to make video calla they are the following:


So keeping in mind all the above points if you are residing in UAE than you should check the list of banned websites and apps regularly and also the restriction on digital platform.

If you followed the above guidelines than you can enjoy a happy journey in Dubai without any legal or cultural issues.

So these were all about the banned application in Dubai that you must know to avoid ant fine or any type of problem because the government of Dubai is really hospitable for the expats but when their is an issue about its law when some break rules set by Dubai government then it also take serious action first they gives you warning then on the second stage fine is imposed even after that you don’t stops than the last stage of punishment will be even jail.

But if you follow and respect all the rules the. in the world their is not a place to live or work in better then Dubai.

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