How To Get Dubai Work Visa Online

How To Get Dubai Work Visa Online

Unemployment is the raising problem I’m every part of the world many people are facing problem of poverty due to unemployment.

There are many causes of unemployment it includes rapidly raising population due to which seats for jobs are less, uneducated people are also cause of poverty , inflation is also a cause of poverty that may lead to force the people on doing suicides.

To escape from the miserable situation in poor countries many people rush to abroad in search of jobs to run their families and change their lives.

Among the life changing countries of the world UAE is on the top because it provides millions of jobs to the needy and skilled people. UAE just like Saudi Arabia is an oil rich country that has many industries in which workers are needed.

Moreover their are millions of construction projects that needs engineers to draw the map of buildings, workers and Labour force.
Drivers and watch men are needed.In addition to this doctors and nurses in hospitals are required , teachers and professors are also required in schools, their are also many expats in the UAE police force that are serving the country honestly. So its mean their are numerous jobs that are waiting for the expats.

So now you will think that if you want to work than you will require a work visa and how you can get the Dubai work visa than we are here to explain the process, cost ,requirements and the time required for the issuance of work visa.

Types of UAE work visa:

By 5th September 2022 UAE governoment introduces new immigration regulations which includes a new residency visa system that introduces several new categories.

Now the improved components of y
UAE work visa are:

• Residence permit for contractual employment:

It is an employer sponsored residence permit that which requires Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization also known as MOHRE approval and an employment contract.

• Green visa:

Second type is green visa it is valid for 5 years and it is self sponsored residence permit that is permitted to investors, highly-skilled works, and freelancers.

Requirements of UAE work visa:

Now here the main thing comes that who document are required for work visa you should know about it and make arrangments for these documents to get Dubai work visa:

• First and formost requirement is a valid passport and its photocopy also.

• Passport sized latest photos are required.

• An Emirates ID card is also required that is iqama.

• Aftrt that an entry permit thay is visa from the Ministry of Labour

• Most important requirement is the screening of medical report.

• The copy of company card should be provided by employer because it is also required.

• Company should also provides commercial license’s copy which is required.

• Once you obtain a residence visa then you
can apply for work visa.

• All the required documents listed above in addition to this work permit application form , this must be completed in Arabic and an employment contract or job offer from a company in UAE is required.

Application process:

A work permit should be obtained in three stages:

getting an employment entry visa

getting an Emirates ID card

obtaining a residence visa and work permit.

1- Get an Entry Visa for the UAE

Step 1:

It is interesting to know that the entry visa in UAE is also known as pink Visa.In order to start the process of obtaining this permit the employer must apply for visa quota approval on behalf of the employee.One can approve this permit from the ministry of Labour.

Step 2:

The next step is to submit an employment contract to the MOL. Signature of the prospective employee is must.

Step 3:

Approval of the work permit application from the ministry is must before issuing an employment entry visa. After the approval of visa the applicants have 2 months to enter the UAE.

Step 4:

After entring the UAE with a pink visa the employee has 30 days to get residence visa and formal work permit.

2- Obtaining an emirates ID:

• An emirate ID is required for the medical screening employee will need to apply for a residence visa.

• In order to get the emirates ID employee is required to provide their entry visa companied with an original passport and copy.

• At Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) center
employee is needed to apply in person here they have to provide biometrics including fingerprints and a photograph.

3- Obtaining a Residence Visa and Work Permit:

In order to apply for a residence visa an applicant must complete all the required documents that are mentioned above.

The Validity of residnce work permit in UAE is two years or some times 3. It is renewable. The employees work permit is considered as the part of residency visa.

So to survive and work in UAE you must have these documents.Although it is go be noted that UAE is a country that provides visa with less requirements but however some documents are must to be delivered.

UAE is very friendly and hospitable country to the expats but it is also very strict about its rules and regulations.The government of UAE does not bears duplicate and expired documents.So if you are planning to travel to UAE then you should know that the UAE has crystal clear laws that are to be followed.

So it is cleared that you have to provide original and valid documents and once you got entry to Emirates than you should re new your iqama, visa, passport, and driving license etc.Other wise be ready to pay fines because government of UAE imposes fine on those who breaks the law.

So if you desire to get work visa in UAE read this article and arrange all the necessary documents that are required and enjoy Woking in Dubai.Because in Dubai there are many job opportunities for the job seekers those who have left their loved ones and wants to work abroad than UAE is the right choice for them.

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