Banned Applications In Saudi Arab

Banned Applications In Saudi Arab

Saudi Arabia known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic countries and it follows Islamic rules.We all know that the house of Allah is present in its heart.

It is totally a Muslim country and is ruled by a Muslim government that applies all the rules that are set by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.It considers all that acts haram that were prohibited by Prophet Muhammad SAW.

So due to these reasons some applications are banned which are against the Islamic rules or the government.If someone wants to use these banned applications than he may be fined or jailed also.

It is important to be aware about the banned applications and avoid using it.In this article we will tell you about the applications that are banned in Saudi Arabia let’s explore what are these applications.

The government of Saudi Arabia mainly implements restriction on the website supporting pornography , VoIP , gambling , and those actions that may damage the security of the country.


Many of the locals and expats living in Saudi Arabia are using alternate ways to get rid of the internet restrictions by changing their IP addresses by using an app known as VPN that is Virtual private network. This app allows you to change your IP address so while sitting in Saudi you can show the address of any other foreign country by it the restriction are removed and you can get access to the banned apps.

But those who are using VPN they should listen that using VPN is totally illegal and the users can face many problems like heavy fines and even jail also.

The government is really strict about the Internet and social media content so be careful while using net for any purpose in Saudi Arabia

Banned mobile apps in Saudi Arabia:

Some mobile apps are also banned let’s see which are these applications:

1- What’s app and Telegram:

The what’s app video calling or audio calling is free and it makes the users to make free video and voice calls.As it effects the telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia so Saudi government has banned the use of what’s app.

2- Snapchat:

The Snapchat is used for sharing of inappropriate and sexually explicit content so it has a bad impression on the Saudi Arabian society due to this reason usage if snapchat is banned.

3- Skype:

Skype is also a source of video and voice calls so it affects the telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia due to this reason the users of Skype are fined.

4- Viber:

This messaging app has been sharing inappropriate contents and it has a negative potential impact on the Saudi Arabian society because it is an Islamic country so it follows Islamic rules and all these actions are against Islamic rules.

5- Grindr:

Grinder is a dating app on which the boys and girls date each other which is totally against the Islamic sunnah because in islam their is a great respect for woman and they want to keep their women hiden at home far away from the eyes of unknown males.So due to this reason this dating app is banned in Saudi Arabia.

6- Facetime:

This is another banned application in Saudi Arabia because it is a VoIP calling service provided by apple, that is banned by ISP in Saudi Arabia.

7- VoIP :

In Saudi Arabia the internet servers has banned the VoIP apps in addition to Facebook Messenger, Instagram calling feature, WhatsApp, Facetime, and many more that affects the Islamic values.

According to article 39 the government of Saudi Arabia basic laws of governance states that the media in Saudi Arabia is also prohibited to stream any content that affects the religious values and may affect its unity.

Blocked websites in Saudi Arabia:

There are many websites that are blocked by Saudi government.The websites that are considered as pornographic, blasphemous, or critical of the government. The following we are mention some types of websites that banned in Saudi Arabia:

All pornographic websites

Websites that promote LGBT rights and culture

Dating websites

Websites that discuss alcohol and drugs

Websites that are running in making fun of Muhammad SAW because there are some websites that are providing contents against Islamic norms.

Websites associated with Iran , Hezbollah, groups in Yemen and Muslim brotherhood in Syria.

The websites that are running to convert the Muslims from their faith are banned in Saudi Arabia.

Websites that are supporting pornography and are affecting the youth of Saudi Arabia.

However the numbers of banned websites in Saudi Arabia are changing day by day so you should check it regularly to avoid any problem or fine.

Method of using VoIP calls in Saudi Arabia :

The usage of VoIP call apps like what’s app , Facetime, Telegram, IMO, and Viber needs some tricks due to the internet restriction in Saudi Arabia. These apps are banned and highly regulated instead of these all there are still some ways through which one can use VoIP apps with caution.

• By using VPN one can get access to the banned VoIP call apps. A VPN provides you the facility to establish a secure and encrypted connection to a server located in different countries.So due to this your IP address is appeared as of another country this helps you to by pass the restrictions on apps that are imposed by your local network.

Steps to be followed:

• First of all you have to choose a VPN that provides servers in the countries where the apps are accessible that you want to access.

• Then you have to download and install that app on your device.

• Then you have to open VPN app and connect to a server location where the VoIP calls are not banned.

• Once you are connected then you have to install the VoIP call apps of your choice such as Facetime , whats app , IMO or Viber.

• Now you can enjoy unrestricted access to many VoIP voice call apps.

So if you are the one who wants to know about the banned apps and banned websites then this is the right platform because here is all details about banned apps and websites.

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