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Saudi Arab Jobs Saudization List

Saudi Arab Jobs Saudization List

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi issued a decision to localize 11 activities in the Al-Baha region in cooperation with the Emirate of the region in order to complete the efforts made to expand Emiratisation programs and provide the people of the country with job opportunities.

The ministry explained that the settlement decision includes the following professions in saudi

outlets selling ready-made clothes
home furniture
household utensils
carpets of all kinds
books and office tools
toys and bicycles
Electrical appliances
Plastic materials
Soap and detergents
water and drinks

It also includes fruits, vegetables and dates, 100% of gifts and handicrafts, (except for the excluded professions, which are cleaning professions loading and unloading, and drivers.

The decision also included the localization of the activity of cafes by 50%, and the activity of restaurants by 40%.

This decision will enter into force as of 06/11/1443 AH corresponding to 01/14/2022 AD, and the ministry has issued a procedural guide detailing the details of the decision and the mechanisms necessary for its implementation to ensure the compliance of the facilities.

Saudi Deported 7000 Expates

Department of Labor Relations in the branch of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Riyadh completed the final exit procedures for 7.3 thousand expatriates of Asian and Arab nationalities after the end of the contractual relationship with the deportation of fees to the employer.

The Director-General of the branch of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Riyadh region, Dr. Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Harbi stated that the department completed in the same period, the requests for benefits for 71 deceased workers, amounting to 961 thousand riyals, in coordination with the embassies of their country or their families

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