Booster Shot Form For Saudi
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Booster Shot Form For Saudi

Booster Shot Form For Saudi

After the approval of China vaccine for saudi travel it has decided to take a booster shot as well to travel to saudi arab without quarantine.

In order to travel you need an additional Booster Shot Form For Saudi once you have taken the both two doses of Cinovac And CinoForm China Vaccine.

After the approval of china vaccine for traveling to saudi arab you can see a list of new added China vaccine on Muqeem Portal and as well as the instructions.

Saudi arab announced the booster shot for travel and if you are fully vaccinated with china vaccine then you have to take an additional booster shot Pfizer Moderna or AstraZeneca.

Pakistani government has announced the fee for booster shot which is 1270 Pakistan Rupees which has to be deposited in National Bank Of Pakistan.

Booster Shot Form PDF

In order to deposit your fee for booster shot saudi you will need an additional form as well which is need to be filled and submit while depositing your fee for booster shot in Pakistan.

Currently Saudi Arab Approved Vaccine

Pfizer Two Doses
AstraZeneca Two Doses
Moderna Two Doses
Johnson And Jhonson Vaccine One Dose

Recommended Booster Shot


Booster Shot Form For Saudi

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