Dubai Green Visa For Foreigners
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Dubai Green Visa For Foreigners

Dubai Green Visa For Foreigners

Normally when we want to work in Dubai then we get work visa with some extra limitations but with the announcement of Dubai Green Visa For Foreigners its become much more interesting.

Today UAE government announced the Green Visa For foreigner workers in Dubai to facilitate workers in country and will give you much more freedom.

Let me make it clear that UAE green visa is limited to some extraordinary foreigners which are mainly as below

Who Can Get Dubai UAE Green Visa

Highly Qualified Foreigners
Foreigner Investors In UAE
Foreigner Traders
Highly Qualified Students

With Dubai Green Visa you can also sponsor your your parents and as well as your childrens above 25 you can invite them to dubai and can Sponsor him as well.

With UAE Green Visa you have the freedom of work and will be allowed to work anywhere in dubai and to stay for long time in dubai without any kind of trouble.

Dubai Green Visa For Foreigners

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