Block Chrome Notification Easily

Block Chrome Notification Easily

Block Chrome Notification Easily

We all use mobile and internet and surf much more websites on daily basis but sometimes we get some unwanted notifications which are too much offensive.

So to Block Chrome Notification Easily we must follow these simple steps and you will be able to Block Chrome Notification and interesting thing is you can still view the blocked notifications as well.

For this you need to have a simple Application so simply Download Notification Blocker Application From Here

Once you have the required app installed just open it up and give some permission and you will be able to successfully block chrome notification easily.

Some Basic Information About This

Useless notifications will be blocked smartly and gathered together in one place, so the phone notification bar will always be in a clean and tidy status. The app stops trash notifications from jamming and slowing down your phone, keeping your phone free from disturbing and annoying notifications.

Main Features

★ Collect annoying useless notifications to make phone more efficient
★ Support blocking heads-up notifications (< Android O)
★ Hide Android System Notifications, for example: “… running in the background”
★ Show notification history logs
★ List of blocked notifications so you don’t miss anything
★ Block work notifications
★ One tap to clean all of the junk notifications
★ Minimal Size, Minimize Memory Usage and Battery Saving
★ Without Root and ONLY necessary permissions required
★ Stable, robust, safe, fast
★ Material Design
★ Free

Notification Access

Notification Access must be enabled for N Cleaner in order to block notifications. When it is disabled, the app will guide you to the settings to enable it. Don’t worry, the app will NOT collect and upload any of your privacy in the notifications.

Find blocked notifications

All of the junk notifications are put together in the NCleaner app and to access them Click NCleaner on the notification bar you will enter Notification Cleaner screen and find all unread junk notifications. You can also launch the NCleaner app to find them.

Block Chrome Notification Easily

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