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Money Gram Cash Rewards

Money Gram Cash Rewards

You can send money from saudi arab to india pakistan Bangladesh Afghanistan and much more countries through many sources but in some cases you can get some extra bonus points so you must select that way.

There are much more ways by which you can get some extra points on sending money from saudi but you must remember Money Gram Cash Rewards program to get your rewards on each transaction.

Recently i have suggested you NRLP National Remittance Loyalty Program in which you can get bonus points as well as cash rewards so you Must Check It From Here and collect your each rewards for which you are eligible.

So as for now we will talk about Money Gram Cash Rewards in which you will get instantly $5 Card on Register so you must register for this Here.

How Money Gram Cash Rewards Works ?

Upon conducting the first Qualifying Transaction during the program period, consumers will receive a MoneyGram Rewards Card along with the cash reward at the participating Promoter location.

After successfully conducting each Qualifying Transaction, the teller employee at the participating Promoter location will review, populate, and sign and stamp the MoneyGram Rewards Card.

Money Gram Cash Rewards
Money Gram Cash Rewards

Money Gram Rewards Stages

1st qualifying transaction PKR 100 (Pakistani Rupees)

2nd qualifying transaction PKR 200 (Pakistani Rupees)

3rd qualifying transaction PKR 300 (Pakistani Rupees)

4th qualifying transaction PKR 500 (Pakistani Rupees)

After completing each qualifying transactions you will be eligible to collect your extra cash rewards from money Gram.

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