WhatsApp Frauds In Saudi Arabia

WhatsApp Frauds In Saudi Arabia

WhatsApp is one of leading chat application owned by Facebook but many times its used to steal user information and to compromise their personal data to use them against any one.

As i consider my duty to aware you about Whatsapp Frauds In Saudi Arabia so here i am with some examples of these fraud based links so you must avoid clicking on these invites to remain safe and secure and to protect your personal information as well.

Its not the first time that the data of whatsapp users are compromised but its happened much more time and today someone shared these types of link in Sahil Tricks Whatsapp Group so that’s why i decided to tell you the real truth about these frauds.

Remember one thing that you will only fall in their fraud if you are innocent are greedy they will send you such messages that will not resist on clicking on that fraudulent link so be safe aware and secure and let’s know about some of its text types.

Congratulations: You have won Free 100GB Internet Click Here To Claim

Congratulations: You have won free car in saudi arabia click here to claim it how

Congratulations:You have won cash price of 100000 Riyals in saudi click it to receive your money now.

Your Mobile is at risk click here to secure your mobile now

We are verifying your bank account kindly confirm it by clicking here

So these above  are the links you don’t have to click on them in order to be safe secure.

Installing a mobile security solution (anti-virus for smartphones) can also be a good investment since it saves you from threats even when you are installing third-party software, surfing on the internet, or downloading a file.

# Some of these messages even use bad grammar, improper sentence formation which is clearly a red flag. However, it will not be the case always as scammers may disguise themselves as employees of big companies.

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