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Write Complaints To Saudi King Salman

Write Complaints To Saudi King Salman

Saudi Arab is my most favorite country as you will have to follow all the rules and regulations even you are from Royal Family so that’s make the country one of the most successful Islamic country in the world.

In saudi arabia there are rules for every part of life and these rules are strictly applied on all saudi citizens and expates in the kingdom and no one can disobey the rules even from Royal Family members.

In this simple post i will i will tell you bow to Write Complaints To Saudi King Salman if you are not treated well or you are getting your rights in saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia king Salman Bin Abdul Aziz has asked all the saudi citizens and expates to Write Complaints To Saudi King Salman in any case you are not getting your rights or you facing any kind of Trouble.

The most important thing about this service is you can complaint about Any Person including officers and even royal family members and the announcement is Write It To Me If Your Are Not Treated Well.

You will have to send direct latter’s as well as fax mentioning your complaints and here i will tell you about the Saudi King Salman Fax Address as well as Saudi Arabia King Salman Post Address so you can post your complaints.

Saudi Arabia King Salman Fax And Postal Address

Office of his majesty the king royal court
Riyadh kingdom of saudi arabia

Fax 011966114033125

6 Replies to “Write Complaints To Saudi King Salman

  1. Before I was working in Al Harbi Trading & Contracting Co. Since from 08 April 2007 till to 31.December 2019 in this time my 21 months salaries dues pending with Al Harbi Co,then I complain and submitted case in Labor office through Labor Court my case was only for delay salaries and renewal my iqama but when company knows then he terminated from my job from 01.01.2020 till to now I didn’t receive my dues through courts and company also didn’t give me any thing from two years iam jobless and still waiting for money but no one help me my name ( Haider Zaman ) Live in Riyadh Al Sulai Exit No 18 Astanbul Street Near Agality Store Al Mashael Sulai my mobile contact no ( 057 1069 859 ) Email ( Iqama I’d no (22 7 22 94 857 ) thanks and best regards 😢

  2. اسلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبراكاته بابا أنا هندي مسكىن نفر كفيل بلغ هروب عشان كفيل ابقي بويه شغل من أنا كلام كفيل أنا معفي معلوم شغل بويه بس هوا غضبان من أنا عشان هوا بلغ هروب بابا ساعدني الغاء هروب يعطي الله عمرا طويلا

  3. Dear King Salman
    I would like to inform you I am working as a production opration in charge for Crusher plants in SHIBH Al Jazeerah Contracting Company from Jeddah and I am 8 years working in this company and this 8 years one time not going to vacation and I am single I want to go marry but my faimly problems and his not increase my salary my salary is very Lee’s and please help for this matter Thankyou so much

  4. Most Respected Sir,

    Sir my name is Muhammad Saleem I am pakistani and work in Aramex courier company in jeddah since from 7 years Sir I Request to you that I have some Problum in pakistan I need to Loan amount 85000 riyal may salary is 3400 every month I can pay 900 SAR plz help if you can I shall be pry for you God bless you


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