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NRLP Scheme For Expates In Saudi

NRLP Scheme For Expates In Saudi

National Remittance Loyalty Program NRLP Scheme For Expates In Saudi is a special program started by pakistani government for overseas pakistani to get extra rewards on every transactions.

In this scheme you will get benefits in two ways like getting extra points which will be used later or to get directly cash rewards on your permanent return to Pakistan.

By using this NRLP Scheme For Expates In Saudi any Expates will get some extra points which will be added to their respective wallet so they can use them later.

According to this scheme you can get benefits in following ways

Get Extra Reward Points
Get Directly Cash Payment

NRLP Extra Reward Points

Once you started using this program so after each transaction you will get some points and these points can be used in the following ways

Passport Renewal Fee
CNIC Renewal Fee
Pay Your Utility Bills
Get Discount Offers
Insurance Premium Cards
PIA Airlines Tickets
Mobile Custom Fee

NRLP Get Directly Cash Payment

If you want to get directly cash payment instead of points in NRLP Pakistan so you can choose the option as well and once you decided to return Pakistan forever you will get directly cash payment.

Calculation Of Benefit NRLP Pakistan

According to this scheme you will get benefits according to the following transactions volumes but remember one thing this will be calculated annually as below

10000$ One Percent 100$
17000 Pakistani Rupees

25000$ 1.25 Percent 312$
53000 Pakistani Rupees

30000$ 1.50 Percent 450$
76500 Pakistani Rupees

App For Sending Money Through NRLP

To send money through this platform and get benefits you will need to have specific Application and once it’s officially announced you will Get It From Here

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