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Travel To Saudi With Airblue

Travel To Saudi With Airblue

With the resumption of saudi arab international flights for banned countries including Pakistan here i will tell you about the process to Travel To Saudi With Airblue.

Recently Airblue has issued some basic conditions to fly and travel to saudi from Pakistan and tickets booking will be starting soon.

Some Basic Conditions For Travel To Saudi With Airblue

Valid Iqama And Valid Visa

You must be a valid iqama holders to travel directly from Pakistan to saudi with Airblue without any kind of quarantine to check you Iqama Validity follow below link

Check Your Saudi Iqama Validity

Proper Vaccination Status

If you want to travel directly form Pakistan to saudi without quarantine then you must be fully vaccinated inside saudi arab and you must check your vaccine status from below portal

Check Saudi Vaccine Status

Saudi arab currently approved vaccine are

Moderna Two Doses
AstraZeneca Two Doses
Pfizer Two Doses

Age Limit

You Must Be 18+ For Vaccination
You Must Be 18+ For PCR

Approved PCR Test Labs

If you want to travel to saudi in current situation then you must do your PCR test in approved labs before 72 hours and all approved labs in Pakistan are as below

Test Zone
Khan Lab
Chughtai Labs
Metro Pole
Real Time Lab
Islamabad Diagnostic Center

Travel To Saudi With Airblue

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