Saudi Driving License Renewal Fee
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Saudi Driving License Renewal Fee

Saudi Driving License Renewal Fee

Saudi Council of Ministers approved setting an annual fee for the issuance and renewal of vehicle driving licenses according to their fuel efficiency.

This came after reviewing a number of regulations and proposals for determining the maximum lifespan of light vehicles and the mechanism for disposing of old vehicles.

The resolution stipulated the following:


Acknowledgment for an annual fee to be added to the value of issuing and renewing vehicle driving licenses, to include light vehicles manufactured in 2016 and later, and light vehicles manufactured in 2015 and earlier, in addition to all heavy vehicles


The financial consideration is obtained through the General Directorate of Traffic, to be added to the value of issuing and renewing vehicle driving licenses, provided that..

1- Classify the amounts collected from vehicle owners, as follows:

A – Fees for issuing and renewing vehicle driving licenses as prescribed by law.

b- The financial consideration for energy efficiency.

C- The total value of issuing and renewing vehicle driving licenses (includes issuance or renewal fees, and the financial consideration for energy efficiency).

2- The financial consideration shall be supplied to the state’s public treasury, and it shall be recorded as energy efficiency revenue.


application of the financial consideration shall be in two stages, as follows:

1- The first phase: starting from 2022, and  includes  new light vehicles manufactured in 2023, provided that the application is linked to the completion of the modernization of the electronic systems of the concerned authorities.

2- The second phase: starting from 2023, and it includes all vehicles, provided that the implementation of this phase is linked to the verification of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center, in coordination with the relevant authorities, with the readiness of the infrastructure and addressing the difficulties that may arise during the implementation of the first phase.


The Ministry of Interior (General Traffic Department) in coordination with the National Information   Center and the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency, to take the necessary measures to enable the vehicle owner to view the value of the financial consideration imposed on his vehicle, in accordance with Clause (First) of this decision before the start of the implementation of a sufficient period.


Approval of the vehicle owner’s objection mechanism to the value of the financial consideration imposed on his vehicle through the technical data (fuel economy or engine capacity) within 60 days from the date of adding the fee to his vehicle, and the Saudi Standards and Metrology Organization shall receive and process the request.

Sixth: The state bears all fees and fines – if any – related to non-compliance with renewing vehicle driving licenses, for vehicles over 15 years old and whose owner, citizens, wish to drop them from the traffic records, within a year from the date of this decision, and the Ministry of Interior coordinates With the National Information Center, to take the necessary action regarding finding an implementation mechanism for the provisions of this item.


The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency, to allocate additional funds in the Ministry’s annual budget allocated to support social security programs for groups eligible for those programs, in order  to mitigate  the economic and social impact of the decision.


The National Center for Energy Efficiency, in coordination with the concerned authorities it deems appropriate, to submit a report to the Supreme Court regarding the consequences of implementing the decision after 3 years from the date of the decision, including the effects of the application in terms of economic and social terms

Saudi Driving License Renewal Fee


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