Saudi Technical Professions List
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Saudi Technical Professions List

Saudi Technical Professions List

To improve the quality of work and to provide work to who deserves it saudi arab lunched technical profession test in oder to facilitate workers and companies.

Saudi Technical Professions List has been updated and now some new professions are also added so here i am going to share updated Saudi Technical Professions List.

Some New Professions Which Are Added

Air Conditioner Workers
Welding Workers
Car Panter
Car Mechanic
Car Electronics Workers

These test will be performed in two steps

In the very first step a test will be taken in your home country before of your departure to saudi arab

In the second step another test will be organized and taken once you reached saudi arab and it will decide your feature in saudi.

If you failed to pass the test so you will be deported back to your home country

Saudi Technical Professions List

Vocational Examination Program of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced the start of the second phase of the mandatory labor inspection plan today (Wednesday), in more than a thousand specialized craft professions, for large facilities employing 500 to 2,999 workers.

The Director of the Occupational Examination Program, Engineer Saad Al-Aqeel, indicated that the plan of the Occupational Examination Program will continue to be implemented in terms of the targeted professions and establishments, with the aim of improving the quality of labor force work in the labor market, and benefiting from employment in various professions through organizing, directing and guiding them.

He pointed out that the total number of professions launched so far has reached 205 out of 1099 specialized craft professions, falling under 23 specializations.

And the director of the program indicated that the compulsion plan will be gradually for all facilities in the Kingdom, as the first phase began last July for giant facilities, which employ 3,000 workers and more, and today, with the beginning of September, the second phase that relates to obligating large facilities begins, while it is scheduled The last stage will be at the beginning of January 2022.

The program of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development recently announced the addition of 6 new specializations to verify that its workers possess the necessary skills, work on them begins in conjunction with the beginning of the second phase, and includes the following specializations: (air conditioning, welding, building carpentry, car mechanics, car electricity, and paint).

It is noteworthy that the program operates in two tracks, the first of which aims to examine professional workers in their countries before their arrival in cooperation with international examination centers, while the second track is to examine professional workers currently in the Kingdom in cooperation with local examination center

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