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Saudi Arab Cyber Security Update

Saudi Arab Cyber Security Update

If you are living in saudi arab then you must check this Saudi Arab Cyber Security Update to make you much more secure and to avoid any kind of fraud.

Recently saudi arab cyber wing announced the list of mobile numbers which can be used to steal your all data and information.

According to Saudi Arab Cyber Security Update issued all expates and saudi citizens of saudi arabia are advised not to answer calls from some numbers.

Some Main Numbers Issued

Saudiarab cyber wing announced not to attend any calls from these number and even don not install any app of they ask to do so.

Cybercrime control expert in Saudi Arabia says attackers on the Internet have adopted new methods that need to be taken seriously.

Speaking on a program on Saudi Al-Akhbariya Al-Dosari said that until recently attackers used to cheat to update their bank accounts but now that they are old calls are being made starting from 001 to steal your personal information.

When we look at the caller number it immediately comes to mind that the call is from Riyadh in fact it is from abroad and attackers give the impression that they are talking from within the country.

Attackers select such initial numbers that the call receiver is deceived by these numbers.

Before making a call attackers get information about their victim through a social media profile.

Saudi Arab Cybercrime control expert said that people should take special care when creating their e-mail or Abshar portal account as this risk increases from creating an account in the market.

In addition WhatsApp should not be kept open in public places for a long time which may give hackers a chance to hack their mobile phones.

When a call comes to someone’s number from the initial number of 011 he thinks that the call came from Riyadh while on the other hand there is a attackers are calling from abroad who shows that he He is speaking from the country and sends a bad link by telling about any scheme and by clicking on which the Spy program is installed in the mobile.

Saudi Arab Cyber Security Update
Saudi Arab Cyber Security Update

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