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UAE Dubai Golden Visa For Student

UAE Dubai Golden Visa For Student

Every country want professional and top people in its country and it’s more common while we talk about Gulf countries like saudi Dubai oman bahrain and so on.

For this reason to attract foreigner they offer unrejectabl offers like free stay and golden Visa here I will tell you about UAE Dubai Golden Visa for student with eligibility criteria.

This UAE Dubai Golden Visa for will be for 10 years and most important family of the topper eligible students can also benefit from this golden visa. This golden visa is specifically for High school graduates.

Why This Visa Is Granted?

This golden visa is given to attract more talant and to attract exceptional mind to make UAE much more better.

Who Can Get UAE Golden Visa?

This 10 years Dubai Golden Visa will be granted to students who have obtained at least 95% in general secondary school or equlant Degree.
You must pass with 95% to be eligible for this golden visa.

University students from outside dubai who have the avarage of more then 3.75 are also eligible for this Dubai Golden Visa. Keep in mind that famlilie of the students can also get this Visa.

How To Apply For UAE Golden Visa?

If you are eligible for UAE Golden Visa then you have to apply from Emirates School Estiblishment Online portal.

UAE Dubai Golden

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