Saudi Flights For Pakistan
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Saudi Flights For Pakistan And India

Saudi Flights For Pakistan And India

Currently saudi flights for Pakistan and India are suspended in addition of 12 more countries which also includes UAE and Afghanistan which reach the total number of ban countries to almost 14.

The ban is due to high number of daily cases in these countries and most important the active cases in the country.

As vaccination is already started in these countries and soon situation will be under control but still openings Saudi flights for Pakistan and India look impossible.

According to some unofficial sources saudi arabia is going to open its international flights for Pakistan and India in 23th July after this Eid Ul Adha 2021.

Three are many videos and articles available on social media platforms which claims the opening date of saudi flights opening for Pakistan and India.

Let me make you clear one thing saudi arabia haven’t set any date and time for the resuming of saudi flights but it totally depends in the current situation of that country.

You may noticed that once daily Cases were under control in UAE saudi arabia resumed its flights for them and for now when the case are too much high so saudi arabia decided to stop flights again from UAE.

When Will Saudi Flights Start?

According to sources there are 90% chances to resume saudi flights for pakistan and india after Hajj 2021 but as i told you earlier that there is not a fixed date and it may be postponed.

Saudi Flights For Pakistan

Saudi Flights Are Starting From 22 July

Saudi Arabia has suspended its international fights due to current Covid-19 situation and this travel ban is updated time to time on the basis of Covid-19 cases.

According to Social media sites saudi flights are starting from 22 july is circulating and its announced that saudi arabia will start its flights from 22 july 2021.

But let me make you clear about this saudi arabia government haven’t announced such things and as i told you that date for opening saudi arabia flights are not fixed.

Some of tik tok users are sharing this news that flights are going to open from 22 july which is totaly baseless and fake

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