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Infulnza Vaccine For Hajj 2021

Infulnza Vaccine For Hajj 2021

Saudi arabia ministry of Hajj and umrah issued some new update about vaccine in saudi arabia in which the importance of infulnza Vaccine is discussed.

This year only 60000 pilgrim are allowed from inside saudi arabia is allowed to perform Hajj with the proper vaccination status.

According to saudi arabia ministry of Hajj and umrah infulnza vaccine is not complasry for Hajj 2021 and you can get Hajj permit for year 2021 with taking infulnza vaccine.

While taking about vaccine you must take the proper vaccination doses to get approved for Hajj 2021 and if you haven’t taken the second dose of vaccine you can get it in any vaccination center without any kind of booking.

Approved Vaccine In Saudi

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Pfizer Covid Vaccine
Moderana Covid Vaccine
Johnson Vaccine

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