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How To Check Work Permit Status In Saudi

How To Check Work Permit Status In Saudi

The Kingdome of Saudi Arabia allows the foreigners to live and work in the kingdome through the iqama permit also known as work permit.This is a national residency/work permit issued by Ministry of Interior.

To get iqama you need a sponsor in the kingdome known as arbab or kafeel the employer who files the application for you within 90 days of the entry in Saudi.

Work permit is an important document or proof that is useful in opening bank, accounts, getting a house on rent, registering for utilities and so on.It usually takes around 1-3 weeks for getting an iqama approval from the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Labour and Social Development.



There will be a 10-digit numeric combination on the card.It is present at the bottom cemtre of front page or below your picture.This number will help you to check the iqama status online on website of Ministry of Interior , Saudi Arabia.


One can check his iqama status online by following steps:

• Go to the official website From Here

• Change the language from Arabic to English if you are not able to read Arabic.

• Go to the passport section from the menu tabs.

• Click on querry iqama expiry service in drop-down list.

• Choose Integrated eServices for Individuals.

• Create your login credentials and than enter your username, password and numeric Iqama number to login.

• You may also be askef to submit a 4-digit verification code, which you will receive on you mobile number.

• Click on querry iqama expiry service.

• Enter your iqama number and the randome generated code, click on view.

• Your iqama validity status will be shown.


You will now be able to see the status of your iqama whether it is expired or not through the colours on the dates mentioned.Red means that your iqama is no longer valid.The employer should renew your iqama before few days of expiration.If you work without a valid iqama it will lead to prosecution.


There are various ways to get the iqama:

1-Through your employer.

2-Through study visa or student visa.

3- Iqama holder can also act as sponsor for their family members to produce Iqama.These are iqama for dependents and can not used as work permit in Saudi Arabia.


Through the iqama number, visa number or passport number, it is easy to check the validity of your work permit either if you are outside Saudi Arabia.

• Log in to the official website of the Ministry of interior.

• Follow the usual steps and then click on querry iqama service in the passports section.

• After that you will be redirected to the Absher portal where you will need to click on integrated e-services for Individuals.

If you are an iqama holder and exited the kingdome and want to re enter again your employer will have to obtain an exit/re-entry permit from Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior.

Now you are ready to check the status of your iqama online sitting anywhere!!!

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