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Saudi Arabia Iqama Fee Extension

Saudi Arabia Iqama Fee Extension

General Directorate of Passports revealed the countries included in the decision to extend the validity of residency and exit and return visas without fees or financial consideration in implementation of the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Passports explained that the extension includes the countries from which entry has been suspended, namely: Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho, and Eswatini.

Passports Authority began extending the validity of residency and exit, return and visit visas without fees until 3/31/2022 AD, as part of the continuous efforts taken by the Kingdom’s government to deal with the effects and consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and within the precautionary measures and measures Preventive measures that ensure the safety of citizens and residents and contribute to mitigating the economic and financial impact

New Iqama System Of Saudi Arabia

Center for Premium Residency intends to introduce a new system project for the provisions and procedures for premium residency, as the Kingdom and its vision need to grant non-Saudi cadres and persons with useful advantages a special status over other residents in the Kingdom.

While the main reason for making the amendments is the changes and developments faced by the economic, social, financial and political conditions in the Kingdom, which require the use of distinguished cadres, which the Kingdom may need to maintain the growth of sectors, in addition to attracting investors, entrepreneurs, real estate owners, talents and competencies.

Advantages of a Premium Residency

The holder of the premium residency enjoys residency in the Kingdom with his family, and he also enjoys the exemptions that a Saudi enjoys with regard to educational and health services.
While he and his family are not subject to the provisions related to the financial compensation collected for each escort and escort of expatriates working in the private sector.

Those who enjoy the privileged residency system can obtain visitor visas for relatives as specified by the regulation, in addition to recruiting domestic workers, as specified by the regulation as well.

In addition to owning real estate for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes, with the exception of the cities of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, and the border areas as specified by the regulation.

The owner of the Premium Residency can also own private transportation, and any movables that are allowed to be acquired in the Kingdom, work in private sector facilities and move between them, including members of his family, with the exception of professions in which non-Saudis are prohibited from working, and the use of corridors designated for Saudis when entering and leaving the Kingdom .

The residence permit holder is allowed to engage in business, in accordance with the foreign investment system, and the Council of Premium Residency determines other rights, benefits and duties, in accordance with the regulating provisions.

Accommodation types

The types of premium residency are permanent premium residency and fixed-term premium residency. The target groups for obtaining the premium residence are classified as those with exceptional competence, talent, business investor, entrepreneur, property owner, and other target groups proposed by the residence council.

Accommodation request

A non-Saudi who is not from the target groups is entitled to apply for both types of premium residency, and the regulations specify the procedures and controls related to this article.

Required procedures and documents

Those wishing to obtain the Premium Residency must submit a valid passport, proof of financial ability to live in the Kingdom during the residency period, and a health report on his health status proving that he is free from infectious diseases, not more than 6 months from the date of application, and that his residence is legal and valid If he is residing in the Kingdom, as it is stipulated that he is free from precedents or cases hostile to the Kingdom or its leaders, and that he fulfills any requirements that may be deemed by the Council.

The applicant must, within 30 days from the date of approval of granting him the premium residency, pay the financial compensation proposed by the council, and submit the medical insurance document, for the center to issue cards to the family of the premium residency holder, and the regulations specify the rights and benefits that the family enjoys.

When is the residency cancelled?

The Premium Residency shall be canceled if the holder is convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a period of no less than 60 days or a fine of no less than 100,000 riyals or its equivalent, or if a court decision or ruling is issued to expel its holder from the Kingdom, or if the submitted papers contain information that is not valid, or in the event of assignment or death of the residence holder.
If the Premium Residency is canceled or terminated, the family cards of the holder will be canceled accordingly.

This system is scheduled to enter into force on the day following its publication in the Official Gazette, and replaces the Premium Residency

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