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Whatsapp Alternative 2022 Video Calling

Whatsapp Alternative  2022

WhatsApp is leading social application available for both Android and iOS is widely used all over the world with million of active users and still increasing and this super amazing application is owned by Facebook.

Although whatsapp is used all over the world but some countries mainly saudi arab has blocked whatsapp calling service so much more users use VPN to solve the issue but the are afraid too but here i will give you Whatsapp Alternative In Saudi 2022 which is totally like whatsapp and its free too.

As you know that saudi arabia government has blocked whatsapp calling so in order to do whatsapp calling from saudi you have two options as below

Use Of VPN In Saudi
Use Of Whatsapp Alternative 2022

Use Of VPN 

So for this you will need to install a VPN either free or paid but as our regular visitor i will provide you best free secure vpn in saudi arab so that you can enjoy whatsapp calling service in saudi so you can Download From Here and simply install it to get benefits.

Whatsapp Alternative 2022

If you don’t want to install VPN in saudi so this second one is for you as you will need best whatsapp alternative in saudi arabia and here i am with the Application you can Download From Here and install it to enjoy free calling services from saudi arab.

What Is Botim Saudi Free Calling?

A free VoIP call app, encrypted and unblocked in all countries

Make FREE voice and video calls to your friends and family members.

– FREE voice and video calls over 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi connection.

– Encrypted chats and calls.

– Share photos, videos, voice messages, and more.

– Group chat with your friends and family members.

– Express yourself with a built-in emoji dashboard.

* Operator data charges may apply.

There Are Much more ways so you can use whatsapp even if it’s blocked in your country but for this you need to install this application in your mobile and once its done you will simply have access to your whatsapp.

Another best way to use whatsapp in your country is to use its alternate application which fully look like whatsapp and have all of the whatsapp features so in case you don’t want to use VPN So in that case you will need to use an alternative so in my opinion the best ever whatsapp Alternative is Signal which is available on Google Play Store so you can easily install it on your mobile devices.

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  1. Hmm, one more really secure Whatssapp alternative to this list: after the leackedge of the fbi document
    confirming user’s personal data drain, I reccomend to check Utopiap2p ecosystem.

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