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Saudi Arabia Real State Jobs

Saudi Arabia Real State Jobs

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development confirmed the start of implementing the decision to localize activities and real estate professions and to localize cinemas starting today after the end of the grace period that it specified in advance.

Decision to localize real estate activities and professions includes limiting work to 100% of Saudis in the real estate brokerage professions which includes the following professions

Real estate broke
Real estate sale and rental broker
Land and real estate broker
Land and real estate registration clerk real estate marketer
Owner’s union director
Real estate manager

Professions of sustainable construction include the professions of

Certified sustainable engineer
Certified resident engineer
Quality inspector engineer
Prefabricated building inspector

This Decision includes the localization of 70% of the total number of employees of the public facility in real estate activities in owned or leased properties, real estate activities on the basis of fees or contracts, and other subsidiary activities, provided that the number of Saudis in the facility is not less than one Saudi employee as a minimum

First phase of the decision to limit work to Saudi citizens by 100% in sales professions includes

Ticket sales inside the cinema supervisory professions inside the cinema for movie theaters and activities and all its affiliated activities included under the activities of producing films programs television and sound recordings and publishing music.

According to update exception was granted to some technical professions such as a cinema projector operator an audio device operator in cinematic shows all technical professions and support professions.

The exception also included the professions of

chief chef
assistant chef
working chef
assistant chef
caterer and restaurant worker

And provided that the number of excluded expatriate workers does not exceed 15% of the total employees

Saudi Arabia Real State Jobs


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